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Car relocation

The leading and best-known service provider in India is Perfect Care Packers and Movers. We have broad background providing service for carriers that exceed our valuable customers' expectations. We shift your car conveniently and timely to the desired destination.

The car carrier has everything in the form of chains, locks, wheel stoppers, and belts. We have all the safety measures. We have a dedicated car transport team that handles all types of situations during movement. Our team ensures that vehicles are fully safeguarded from scratching during transport.

Our branches are located throughout India from small towns to large cities to guarantee safe carriers. For transport in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Chennai, etc we offer very low rates for customers. We use our own car carriers to offer our customers a better service so that they do not need to communicate with other service providers.


When you settle on us, there are many benefits. They are as follows:

Competitive prices. The loss to our consumers is tremendous. It's rates that won't empty your pockets at any moment. We have a lot of travel costs and we do not want your investments to be a burden.

Timely deliveries We still prepare our transport and dedicate the time to the transport The transport time is up to our drivers. Therefore, within the time mentioned, you still get your products.

We have the best infrastructure The finest equipment and built from better materials are our facilities. In order to give extra protection, our transport vehicles are covered with products such as tarpaulin. This means that the material is protected by the destructive elements of the planet, thanks to the ideal closed body of the containers.

We have the best security measures We have several safety mechanisms in order to ensure all runs at all costs smoothly. You won't get negative reports from us at any point. When something is unforeseen and inevitable, insurance measures exist to help you recover from damages.

Transporters shall only be verified following their previous record, which may or may not be a valid indicator of the carrier's current capacity.

1. What is the cost of vehicle shifting?

Ans: T The cost of moving a vehicle depends on the different variables – vehicle type, distance to travel, how quickly it needs to be transported, and so on. For instance, it would cost you different to move your bike from Delhi to Hyderabad and depend on the car's make, and the two cities would change.

2. Do I need to do anything to prepare my vehicle for transport?

Ans: Make sure the car is completely functioning before you move. A simple checklist including pneumatic tires, braking, engine, petrol is in the vehicle, whether it is to be powered or removed. Be sure you delete loose articles and notify your car of any teeth/damages etc.

3. Where do I need to drop off and pick up my vehicle?

Ans: The basic contract for moving vehicles covers operation from door to door. However, the carrier can drop the car in some cities at a predetermined depot, and the passenger may need to collect the car.

4. How long will my vehicle shipment take?

Ans: The distance to be traveled depends on. It would help if you guessed when your car reaches the destination, depending on the requirements. Both of our members are committed to ensuring compliance with the commitments made at reservation.

5. Are there any circumstances that could cause a delay in my delivery?

Ans: While all car shifting companies do their hardest to adhere to the timetable they have indicated, delays could occur in exceptional cases because of any uncontrollable circumstances. The officials of the transport company will keep you informed.

6. What if there is damage to my vehicle during auto transportation?

Ans: All carriers try to take all the precautions needed for the safe and secure delivery of your vehicle. However, if harm has occurred - Inform the car insurer as soon as possible of the cost of the repairs to be carried out to get the vehicle back in its condition, and maintain the insurance records. It is highly recommended that you insure your car after the changeover.

7. Are there different types of vehicle transport to choose from? Is there a difference in the cost of open-air and enclosed transport options? Which should I choose?

Ans: Various types of transportation facilities are available. Open and sealed trailer options are available. Open Air trailers are open trucks or carriers, the distinction between the two. These are the most popular and cost-effective modes of car transport. On the other hand, enclosed carriers are vans or trailers that can transport the vehicle into the cupboard. This saves the car from dirt, mud, snow, and the like. This is a costly method of moving vehicles and is usually the alternative when the big car is driven in an expensive car.

8. Which all vehicles can I transport?

Ans: Any car you want to drive will be transported. Cars, bike shifts, or scooters can be transported, or houseware can be used.

9. How do I choose the best auto carrier service?

Ans: Important matters before the carriers are finalized:

  • Cost
  • Reviews on the website
  • Details of Packing and shifting as given by the transporter.
  • Focus on quality and on-time delivery

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