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Office Relocation
Office Relocation (16 reviews)

Office Relocation


Have you prepared to move to your new location and pack your office? There is a big chance that you will need someone to help you with relocating service if you are reached and evaluated by us. It can be quite difficult to relocate.

In most cases, it turns out that there is difficult knowledge to move your company or agency when managing business and company. The constant service from your region is everybody concerned. You can call for moving services to tell them that you want to move the place of work and take some time to stop, so they turn immediately behind your offer.

We assist you with the company or group removal service that deals with all problems while everyone, including electronic products and items, moves your office products and equipment, laptops, and packing services. Every item would be shifted towards a new location or destination by our workers and inspected.


There are several reasons why Perfect Care Packers and Movers make your choice number one. The following are the reasons.

  • Our ISO Certification: The ISO Certification Body is a world-famous and highly regarded international body. It provides high-quality products and services to ensure that businesses, institutions, companies, and other establishments are up to standard. You can be sure that our services are superior to our competitors since we have an ISO certification.
  • . Our long experience in the industry: For more than 20 years we have been in this field. We have evolved since our beginnings in the industry thanks to our experience and visibility This means that we know everything about the business at this stage.
  • Our professional, experienced workers are acquainted with all criteria and specifications of the industry
  • Not Just that, workers trained and professional laborers
  • by Perfect Care Packers and Movers.
  • Besides that, we give them comprehensive educational and workshop programs to further develop their expertise. They are therefore able with extreme professionalism to manage all your products. Without disruptions, they will uninstall and assemble equipment.
  • We appreciate your needs: shifting your things from one spot to another is not what you need or demand of us when you chose our Office relocation services. You want us to handle it all carefully. Professionalism and a strong work ethic are waiting for you. Our offerings are required to balance the prices. You want it to operate seamlessly, effectively, fast, and reliably.
  • Everything about us is always up to date: If we're trying to give you the best, that is one really important to us. We still guarantee that we have the newest innovations in the sector, aside from employees' expertise. We still use the new manufacturing and transport techniques

Q: This is my first move; how can you help me plan?

In the project's planning and operations phases, we will appoint an experienced project manager to collaborate with you and your team. Our project manager and our relocation team will help you prepare all the project facts in-depth and advise them on their tasks during discussions before the move.

​Q: What is your "estimating" process?

We first visited your room to assess your needs with one of our account managers. We then write an overview of what we are going to do, what and how many we can do. You will get the offer and answer all questions from our Account Manager. Once you have decided that we are the preferred option, the Account Manager will contribute to the project management team to strengthen the relocation scheme.

Q: Do you move companies on the weekend?

Yes! During the hours, evenings, or weekends, many of our relocations occur. There will be reduced costs and limited repercussions for your company.

Q: Is it more expensive to move after-hours?

No, it's less expensive. We charge more hourly, but not dealing with loading areas and elevators bring costs down. We do charge more hourly.

Q: Do you move PCs?

Indeed, we are not only moving them; we are also helping over 60 percent of our customers detach and reconnect PCs, enabling our IT customers to focus on the whole framework.

Q: Can you move our data center/server room?

Yes, to reduce downtime, we intend to relocate time-dependent equipment. Often we provide a special crew and hot truck for efficient and secure transportation of this fragile machinery.

Q: We recently purchased several flat-screen monitors, can you handle them safely?

Yes, we built a mechanism to wrap the displays in a first bubble and bring it into a machine bin where separators hold the flat screens still in motion.

Q: Can you help with moving our existing systems (modular) furniture?

Yes! Virtually all machine furniture products can be removed and reassembled. An installation supervisor is part of our moving team.

Q: We are buying furniture for our new office, what is to be done with the existing furniture?

In one of our warehouses, you can store it. It may be sold to a supplier of used furniture. It would help if you offered it to charitable organizations. It may be sent to a recycler or a waste disposal facility. Each one of us can help.

Q: We have classified material to move; how do you deal with secure files?

Our Transfer Team works with the defense personnel and plan to move sensitive materials to even the highest standards. Typically "sightline" surveillance is arranged in conjunction with the staff who follow the secured locked lorries.

Q: How do you get the furniture in the right place in the new space?

Our project manager (PM) on site will create the marking scheme for identifying the office and the precise positioning of all products. Just before the transfer, the PM will display the new room with floor plans for each office and directional signs so that every object is positioned efficiently.

Q: Where do you get your labor? Are they trained?

Through our workforce, Perfect Care Packers and Movers set business standards. The secret to our progress is that these part-time daily staff have been integrated into our system through a continuous training curriculum emphasizing careful movement, packaging strategies, and work security. They are a part of our service and do not involve spontaneous work or collection.

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